NurturePA, Inc., a charitable, non-profit organization, provides the Nurture® Program to moms following the birth of their baby to connect them with the information and resources they need – exactly when they need it.

How do we do it? Through private, one-on-one text conversations between our mentors and moms. Learn More…

“There are times when I don’t realize that I need to talk, but my mentor checking in brings up all those things I’ve been wondering about.”
Julia, Mother of 2

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Are you the mom of a newborn or expecting a baby soon and live in southwestern Pennsylvania? Enroll with the Nurture® Program to text with a volunteer mentor who will support you as you nurture your baby.

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Do you have parenting experience and some time to help new moms? If you are looking for a way to give back to the community, this could be a great fit for you.

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We are grateful to the foundations who have supported NurturePA, Inc.  We welcome individual donations as well.

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Our Mission

NurturePA’s mission is to provide an innovative text messaging program that creates meaningful relationships between volunteer mentors and parents to promote infant mental health and early literacy.