The Nurture® Program is here to support YOU.

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  • It’s completely confidential

Parenting can be hard. So, if you’re the mom of a newborn or expecting a baby soon and you live in southwestern Pennsylvania, we invite you to enroll in the Nurture® Program. Once enrolled, you will be paired with a volunteer mentor who has parenting experience, is trained and supervised by a manager with a background in early child development. Forming a positive, supportive relationship between you and your mentor is a key part of the Nurture® Program.

"The huge amount of 'experts' out there can drive a person crazy. Having a fellow mom who “gets it” and who will always be respectful and supportive just a text message away is unique and invaluable."
Christy, NurturePA Mentor

The Nurture® Program is truly a virtual support. All interactions between you and your mentor are through text messaging; you and your mentor never meet face to face. You can text a question and receive information from your mentor just when you need it! Your mentor will also share activities that you and your baby can do together.

Your mentor will also be a cheerleader, sounding board and provide evidence-based information and/or local resources depending on your needs. They will be a reliable and consistent resource for you, but the Nurture® Program is not an emergency resource. Parents must call 911 in case of an emergency or urgent situation.

Your child’s first three years are important in their development, and you, as a parent, are the most important influence in your child’s life. Finding information such as how babies eat, sleep, play, learn and grow, at the exact time it is needed can be extremely challenging. The Nurture® Program and its mentors are here to support you!

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Want to know what moms who are enrolled in the program have to say about it? Watch our video or read testimonials. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, please contact us.

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